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FISHCAKE, A Next-Generation Leader to spread K·FISH widely

The status of fishcake is changing, which has been a good side dish for four seasons and a symbol for street snacks in winter. It is considered as an excellent export item with Korea's fishcake exports surged more than twofold in 10 years from $ 22 million in 2008 to $ 57 million in 2017. Nowadays, domestic and overseas consumers are in high demand for high quality fishcake which can be eaten properly, especially for high quality snacks and meals, and there is a company that leads the Korean wave of premium fishcake in Busan which is the main branch of fishcake. Let’s meet HYEONG KWANG KIM, CEO of EVERGREEN SEA CO., LTD. where has changed the terrain of fish cake industry based on good materials and solid technology.


EVERGREEN SEA CO., LTD., Prestigious Fishcake Company with Solid Technology

EVERGREEN SEA CO., LTD. located in Jangnim-dong, Saha-gu, Busan is a FISH CAKE processing company, which is a representative BUSAN FISHCAKE company that operates around 20 domestic direct sales stores and 3 overseas stores in Seattle, Canada and Vancouver of Canada.
HYEONG KWANG KIM as the CEO of EVERGREEN SEA CO., LTD. is a son-in-law of the founder of the company and says that his goal is to make “healthy, tasty, trusted and hygienic fishcake ever than before. He succeeded in making various premium fishcake such as Fishcake Noodle, Baked Fishcake, Steamed Fishcake, etc. after a long study as well as he changed the old equipment and production systems of the old fishcake factory innovatively based on his knowledge of mechanics as his major in school days. The fishcake of EVERGREEN SEA CO., LTD. which has a matchless technology with a large number of patents related to the production of facilities and products is currently exported to the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia, etc. mainly, and won a million dollar Export Tower Award last year.




△ A View of Head Office & Factory of EVERGREEN SEA CO., LTD. and Canadian Store (Bottom)

GORAESA Premium Fishcake, A Meal over a Snack

The typical product of EVERGREEN SEA CO., LTD. is ‘GORAESA EUDONG’ that includes fishcake noodle with no flour. It is a revolutionary product that can easily and deliciously ingest fish protein as a product of the sea. Busan fish cake, which is a traditional fish cake realizing the taste of Busan fish cake as it is as well as its quality, is also loved by many people. EVERGREEN SEA CO., LTD. received K·FISH certification for two products of the above.

“I would like to certify all products, but first of all, I selected two of the most popular products and certified them. Especially, I wanted to promote the excellence of GORAESA EUDONG because it is a product that the efforts and technology of our company are concentrated, and it is a product that everyone, man and woman, can enjoy deliciously and healthily.”

△ GORAESA EUDONG(left) as the Representative Product of the Company & Traditional Busan Fish Cake(right)
‘GORAESA“ is as a Premium Fish Cake Brand of EVERGREEN CO., LTD.

Enhance the Reliability of Premium Fish Cake with Premium Raw Materials & Innovative Equipment

HYEONG KWANG KIM, the representative’s commitment to make tried-and true healthy and safe food is impressive to other employees of the company. In the case of fish meat, there are many places that use relatively inexpensive growth for cost reduction, but the company only uses pollock caught in the clean water of Alaska.

“It is more important to know what fish species are in the fish than fish meat content, because fish cake made of various fish, such as croaker, cutlassfish, etc., caught in the nearby water has fishy and distinctive smell. Pollock flesh gives rich and light taste without seasoning, that’s why we stick to 100% of pollock flesh. It’s the way to have more delicious and healthy fish cake.”

Representative Kim’s commitment also applies in the oil extractor that takes up a large portion of the fish cake production line as well as HACCP certification for the first time in Busan fish cake. The existing oil extractor was to remove the oil of fried fish cake with non-woven fabric or sponge, but the one of the company is a way to inhale oil, which is an de-oiling system developed by itself after 8 years of efforts to cut off foreign matter and carcinogenic substances from sponge.

“The existing method was an insecure system in which foreign matter could come out of the fish cake. So, we brought advanced inhaled oil extractor from Japan, but it did not meet the specifications of Korean fish cake. Then, we worked hard every day to make a system suitable for Korea and our factory for 8 years, and finally, we were able to make the current safe de-oiling system. And we also have 4 related patents.”

△ Hygienic factory with HACCP certification(above) & De-oiling System of the Company(below)

Hope to lead the Korean Wave of Fish Cake with Distinctive Taste of EVERGREEN SEA CO., LTD.

EVERGREEN SEA CO., LTD. has been trying to research & develop facilities and products since its founding. Representative KIM got the customer’s feedback in 20 domestic and overseas direct sales centers and experience centers, and as a result, the company has become accelerating the development of various products. He said that he will not hesitate to make new things and to make improvements based on customer feedback. He also announced that he would like to catch up with the taste of the world by raising the Korean wave with its own unique taste of fish cake considering further advancement to Southeast Asia and the Americas.

“We see a high possibility in overseas markets where are interested in gluten-free foods. We think localization is also important, but we believe that our products such as fish-cake noodle, steamed fish cake, and homemade premium fish cake, etc. are not products that require a lot of localization because the concept we are pursuing is our strength. We would like to create Korean wave of fish cake by bringing out our unique and best taste of Korean fish cake to the overseas customers.”

■ Company Information


▷ Address : 277, Dasan-ro, Saha-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
▷ Contact : Tel. 1544-7902   
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The status of fishcake is changing, which has been a good side dish for four seasons and a symbol for street snacks in winter. It is considered as an excellent export item with Korea's fishcake exports surged more than twofold in 10 years from $ 22 million in 2008 to $ 57 million in 2017. Nowadays
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